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Video CAMERA, Ultra miniature CEBEK

Brand: video camera
Reference: C-7281
Availability: FEW UNITS
probe : CMOS 1/3"
operating voltage : 5VDC+-0,5V(10mA,sin carga)
effective picture area : 5,78x4,19 mm.
scanning : 2:1 interlace
seal : 1/60 a 1/5000 seg
output : 1Vpp video compuesto(75 Ohm)
sensor element : 628(H)x582(V)
s/r ralation : >48dB(AGC on)
dynamic range : >72db
darkness current : <0,2A/cm2
lentille : FOV 43º x 33º

The PIR sensor is a pyroelectrical module designed to detect the people or animals presence, based on the temperature difference between their and the room temperature. The PIR detector includes a Fresnel lens inside the module. TTL output. High RFI immunity (protection) and high sensitivity. Detection 60º, 5m.