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Discover, learn and play with science

To play and to understand the modernest technologies!
Cebekit is today a referent mark in the technology formation world, and also in sectors like electronics, thermodynamics, fuel batteries and clean energies, eolian, solar, robotics, electromechanical, etc…. 
Some of our articles have been acquired by different public administrations and belong to the educational program in the elementary and secondary schools.

Easy for the teacher and funny for the student!
It is more easy to teach… specific kits and manual, step by step, with illustrations and descriptions to understand the various principles which are described.
It is easy to understand….reproductions in miniature with a real operating mode and exact behaviour regarding the original and natural models.

Gift or investment?
A refined and specific materials treatment (as metals or polymers), as well as the global finishing quality or the operating mode in miniature, the funny assembly or scientific articles for each technology and age turn Cebekit into samples for collectors or in first technological “toys” for children.