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News and present

In this new catalog of 64 pages, Cebekit broadens the range 
of small programmable robots with Arduino Uno,
and clearly bets on enhancing the technology of children
and young people of the country,
in order to facilitate the work of teachers in schools.

We have developed a complete range of 10 products, compatible with Arduino and AT Mega 328. The odd models: AT-01, AT-03, AT-05, AT-07 and AT-09 are 5 models designed to simplify the designs Based on ARDUINO and solve in a practical and professional way the connection.

The AT-02, AT-04, AT-06, AT-08, and AT-10 models are all developed based on the Arduino compatible Mega 328 AT, allowing you to develop any design, presentation and connection of the product, in a professional way.

We present you the new Cebek CE-30 catalog, with new format, with new products and with prices included. We have incorporated 2 new programmers and 4 level sensors, very professional, to complement our range.

This new catalog is edited with the old format DIN A-5, which some will remember, pocket size , and lighter, which reminds us of our first catalogs that we edited in the early 80's.

Thursday, June 16 took place the Annual meeting of Secartys in the Macaya Palace of Paseo Sant Joan de Barcelone. Above all, to thank for collaboration for the Foundation for Caixa, which for second year yielded its spaces and living rooms to us to be able to carry out the various acts, commissions, and meetings, as Secartys Exports, and others, which have E place lasting all the day almost.


CESIRE, Research Center and teacher training in Catalonia, Educational Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia opts for training in renewable energy.

In our visit Fadisel Manager, Lluís Beltran, new facilities CESIRE, Thursday 11 February 2016, the team has taught him the various departments and classroom training, technology, and science, robotics and took the opportunity to show FADISOL donating material, the solar array Fadisel, se ha fact that the Centre, in order, to be able to do testing, training practices among teachers and teachers in our primary and secondary country.

Cebekit has published a new catalog educational C05 with three languages, and has expanded the range teaching with over 170 new features, making it a total of nearly good 400 products faced in robotics for children, green technologies and crafts with wood. They are 64 pages edited with much effort and that we were starting this product family (1996), this year we will Cebekit 20th Anniversary of the sister brand Cebek (1979), which for 37 years and continues to grow in products and electronic technology.

Hopefully introducing all the news, gradually and slowly open the many the next months .All the manuals usually coming in , English , French,
and Spanish,and are made from a very didactic way, step step, so that the teacher and the student can go together with one goal, learn constantly, and why not?, fun way.


21 October 2015

Cebek edited a  info-news about the big family products " The interfaces to relay" .

In the next Catalog we will draw the TR-20 and TR-21 MP3 Player with micro SD card!

We advance the new cover of the next catalog Cebek CD-29 that we will present in the month of October in MATELEC.

This image will be the referring poster in our stand of FADISEL, and it will be with the other 2 covers of this year (Verde Cebekit and Soleado Fadisol) the ones that will accompany us during these days of the Fair in Madrid.

We advance that it will be an authentic Cebek "Revolution".

We are pleased to introduce the new 2014 Educational Catalogue of our Cebekit range.