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Technology, science, clean energies and educational!

You can discover how the technology can help you in your life, your environment, your education and in your leisure.

There six the brands mainly manufactured and/or distributed by Fadisel S.L. A constant effort to offer you in different products lines, the best and more accessible technology for industry, household, schools, clean energies, spectacular lighting and sound, outdoor activities and leisure, etc...

More than 2000 products that you could find our web site.


Electronic modules, components, vending  

Ready to connect and to operate!
Electronic modules to cover any needs. Automatism, power supply, remote control, counters, timers, regulators, thermostats, etc… Always a standard and available solution to integrate in any industrial or maintaining process, or personal application.

Vending : Coins and vending machines
Cebek Vending are coins selectors, vending ticket, doors and locks, totalizers, antvandal push button and keyboard, joysticks, solenoids, etc..

Cebek components
Together with the wide module range and Vending family, Cebek also offers a selection of components, sensors, push buttons, Lcds as well as accessories that you could need to complete an installation.


Discover, learn and play with science

To play and to understand the modernest technologies!
Cebekit is today a referent mark in the technology formation world, and also in sectors like electronics, thermodynamics, fuel batteries and clean energies, eolian, solar, robotics, electromechanical, etc…. 
Some of our articles have been acquired by different public administrations and belong to the educational program in the elementary and secondary schools.

Easy for the teacher and funny for the student!
It is more easy to teach… specific kits and manual, step by step, with illustrations and descriptions to understand the various principles which are described.
It is easy to understand….reproductions in miniature with a real operating mode and exact behaviour regarding the original and natural models.

Gift or investment?
A refined and specific materials treatment (as metals or polymers), as well as the global finishing quality or the operating mode in miniature, the funny assembly or scientific articles for each technology and age turn Cebekit into samples for collectors or in first technological “toys” for children.


Installation-applications for solar and renewable energies 

To be self-sufficient!
Photovoltaic panels, wind-driven generators, regulators, converters, efficient lighting, holdhouse ecology, applications for outdoor leisure…
Fadisol offers all necessary equipments to make a self-sufficient solar or eolian installation, generating electricity where there is no electricity.

Can I do it?
According to the latitude, the solar radiation in the area, the calculation. Technical concepts who are solved without complications with Fadisol.
Each device is supplied with a detailed manual to allow an easy installation, even for the most profane, with additional indications concerning additional necessary material for different applications.

On the mountain, the boat, the caravan... or the garage!
Together with the most industrial apparatus, Fadisol also offers several devices allowing small and unbeatable solutions.


Lighting and Audio devices

Spectacles, lounges, theatre and ambiance.
To design the suitable lighting, Expelec offers rockets, robots, projectors, psychedelic ramps, different “disco-light” lighting effects, smoke & snow and confetti machines,, lasers, fire and special effects, mirror ball and motors, black light, mobile light, fixing, etc…

Brand for professionals
Expelec, regrouping brands as SX lighting, Nicols, Eurolite, Antari, Ardan or Gote is now one of the main manufacturer and distributor concerning professional audio and lighting material in Europe.

Repellers and animals control

Without refill, noiseless and harmless!
Each model, adapted to a determinate animal or insect, keep it away from its action area. 
It doesn’t require refill, they are odourless and they can be continuously operate. They are noiseless and they don’t disturb peoples or pets.

Mosquitoes, insects, barking, rats
Efficient and directional, the electronic repeller range is wide, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, mouse sans rats, bat, moles, cats, anti barking, anti fleas for dogs, moles, pigeons and birds…mobiles or supplied at 230V.

Electrified fences
With the Cebek brand, it is also available equipments and accessories for electrified fences. 
“Electrical shepherd” for cows, sheep, horses fences with mains, battery or solar supply ; offering an easy and fast assembly to improvise a fence anywhere and to protect and to avoid to lose pets.


Exact and controlled solder    

Professional soldering station at the best price.
Startec equipment and stations offer a sure and exact temperature control.
Soldering, desoldering, drilling and soldering stations, portable soldering iron, CMS stations, pyrography stations, tips and other accessories or spare parts at very competitive and attractive prices.

Certified quality
Manufactured in Bremen (Germany), Startec equipments are submitted to exhaustive quality controls, obtaining CE, RoHS, TUV or LVD certificates.

Any accessory for soldering
For soldering, each operation requires a suitable and accurate tool. Besides 12V, 24V and 230V equipments, Startec offers all types of tips for standard or CMS soldering/desoldering stations as well as fixing, modelling and pyrography tips.