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Meet Fadisel

What are we doing and why

Electronics can contribute to solve to many professional processes and not few daily life activities.

Use technology to do everything easier, with responsibility, an optimized design for each application and with a guaranteed product, it is an exciting challenge.

With this motivation we founded Fadisel and since then it has been our constant occupation.

We design, manufacture and distribute electronic products for more than 30 years. Fadisel articles are present in 20 countries, with presence in the five continents.

We have developed different products lines which have created our brands in education, alternative energies, industry, household appliances or leisure. Nowadays, more than 2000 products are offered.

Our diversity allows using Fadisel equipment in different areas and by very different customers, like public administration, global and domestic industry, schools and institutes, professionals or end-users.

Lluís Beltran, manager of Fadisel

How are we working

Correspondence. We spend time to listen, we do not have small or big customers, and we the equal-to-equal collaboration is our more comfortable practice.

Honesty. We are sincere; we like to concentrate us and to advance in our work. We do what we say and we assumed the commitment with transparency in any collaboration.

Dynamism. We know the field in which we move and we do not believe in a limit horizon, we like our job. We have an enthusiastic character and the tenacity characteristic of our earth.

Innovation. We are creative and we have means. We listen to our clients, we study the market and we develop technological products that respond to present needs. And although sometimes they award us, to be useful is our greatest satisfaction.


More than three decades later, a look backwards describes some of the most significant moments of our chronology.

1979 Two college students, Esteve Carraté and Lluís Beltran, an engineer and an economist, create a small electronics factory dedicated to the electronic modules design and manufacture.

Cebek is born.
1982 The 1th Cebek industrial timers and controls are manufactured, the popular I-1.
1985 Cebek adheres to the Catalonia Electronics Association.
1986 Cebek enters into Secartys, the pioneering exporter Association in the electronics components sector in Spain.
1988 The new company denomination is constituted as Fadisel and the headquarters is transferred to the present offices in Barcelona : Quetzal Street.

Cebek becomes to main brand of the new company.
1989 The immediately next year after the Fadisel’s constitution, the first export channel is opened. The first international distributor is named in France.

The 10th anniversary is commemorated.
1992 Cebek extends its activity at international level. Its wide acceptance outside Spain obliges to create an own Export Department.

Fadisel incorporates the first importation and distribution, the Expelec French brand, professional lighting and audio equipment for the spectacle sector.

The Radarcan brand, animals electronic controllers and repellers, is also integrated in the Fadisel family.
1994 The company commercial base is increased/completed with a new brand, Cebekit, exclusively for educational sector.

The same year Fadisel participates for the first time in the Matelec fair.
1996 Fadisel increase the export activity to the United States of America, United Kingdom and Sweden.

First Fadisel web site. Designed like a B2B, available in four different languages and with more than 500 instructions manuals for end-users to download.
1998 The “Startec” German brand, soldering irons and stations is incorporated to the Fadisel group.
1999 Now Fadisel is 20 years old.
2000 Development of a new brand, Fadisol, dedicated to the equipments manufacture and distribution for renewable energies and photovoltaic solar installation.

The company surface is increased with a new warehouse to improve the labelling and distribution service for more than 1600 articles offered by the company.
2002 The web site is renewed and all brands, products and services offered by Fadisel are integrated.

Online sale is now available in this Web site.
2005 First exports to Japan and South Africa.
2006 New company facilities extension to cover more than 2000 products.

Lluís Beltran, general manager of Fadisel is named member of the Secartys board of directors and the executive committee, as new auditor of the company.
2007 Incorporation of the “Böhm” German brand, to increase the educational Cebekit range with the Stirling motors technology.
2009 Incorporation of the “Horizon” brand, dedicated to the educational and experimentation equipment manufacture propelled by hydrogen, that increases a little bit more the Cebekit’s offer.

30th Anniversary.

Fadisel, through its general manager, as founding partner, create the Solartys association, to photovoltaic cluster of the sector, becoming member of the board of directors and the executive committee, which designates it as auditor.

First exports to Turkey and Iran.

Fadisel becomes member of the Educational Iberian association, Iberdidac.

Fadisel participates like founding partner of Domotys, association including Household exporter manufacturers. Lluís Beltran is named member auditor and member of the board of directors.


3000 items in our stores, including manufactured, imported and distributed.

Representing in 6 years, logistics increase of 50%.

2014 It is the 11th FADISEL participation in the International Fair MATELEC of Madrid. New catalog "The Cebek Revolution" with more than 70 new genuinely revolutionary.

While it discloses new technique for programmers and web cebekeros