LB-6 15-24V TO 24V D.C- D.C. CONVERTER

€13.95 13.95 € (tax excl.)

13.95 € (tax incl.)
Reference: LB-6
Input voltage : 15 - 24 V.C.C. 
Output voltage : 12 V C.C. 
Dimensions : 69 x 44 x 25 mm. 
Weight : 46 gr. 
Max. output current : 500 mA 


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Converters DC - DC with 500 mA as maximum constant output intensity. They convert a high input voltage in an output voltage with fix and inferior value, avoiding heat problems and supplying a voltage perfectly stabilised with values varying according models. They are supplied from the input voltage and they include connection terminals, operating indicator Led. Specially recommended to adapt voltages in different circuits with different power supplies, etc.

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