EK-1021 AM / FM radio and flashlight to dynamo - solar

€41.28 41.28 € (tax excl.)

41.28 € (tax incl.)

Reference: EK-1021

Reception range: FM 87-108 MHz

Reception range: AM 515-1625 KHz

FM sensitivity> 10 uV

AM sensitivity> 3 MV / m

Max. solar panel current: 20 mA

Maximum brightness: 11-14 LM

Input voltage: 5 - 5.2 volts

Antenna length: 37mm

Battery: 300 mAh 3.6 volts

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Mobile radio and light everywhere.

It is an AM / FM radio with integral.

Panel for day or sunlight and your radio will charge. You

it can even charge mobile phones.

It can also be charged via the USB port of your

computer or the optional AC charger.

Radio working time after 1 minute winding 18-27


Light time after 1 minute of rope 27-36 minutes.

Radio working time after 1 hour charging the sun 20-30 minutes

Light time after 1 hour of charging in the sun 23-32 minutes.

Time to fully charge by solar panel 35-42 hours.

Time to fully charge by USB 6-8 hours.

Fully charged radio working time 7-9 hours.

Fully charged light time 4-6 hours.

Talk time after 1 minute rolled 4-15 minutes.

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