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45.5 € (tax incl.)

Reference: EC-2
Power supply : 9-12V /110 mA (FE71) 
Dimensions : 80 x 45 x 10 mm. 
Weight : 128 grs. 
Character height mm. : 5,6 mm. 
Lines nº : 2 x 16 
Luminescence function : no.


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15 messages programmable LCD displays, composed by 2 lines of 16 characters according to the model.

Using the keyboard, it allows to program a maximum of 15 messages.

The activation of each message is done closing contacts on the corresponding terminal placed on the board.

Functions to select the activation by flanco de subida o de bajada are included.

They also include the function “message by default”.

This message will appear on the display when no one of the 14 pre-recorded messages is selected.

Appear order function, with two possibilities to activate messages, hierarchical or rotary mode.

The hierarchical mode will always display the most important message, when several messages are selected at the same time.

The rotary mode, will display all messages, if you select several messages at the same time.

Accepted activation elements: relays, transistors, push buttons, switches, etc...

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EC-2 (esp)

EC-2 (esp)

See PDF (216.66k)

EC-2 (en)

EC-2 (en)

See PDF (214.66k)

EC-2 (cat)

EC-2 (cat)

See PDF (215.82k)

EC-2 (fr)

EC-2 (fr)

See PDF (216.59k)