EK-1009 Radio controlled car that runs on hydrogen

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Reference: EK-1009

It works: with a hydrogen battery and can also be controlled by your mobile phone

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The i-H2GO is a radio controlled car that runs on a hydrogen fuel cell and is also controlled from your mobile phone. As if that were not enough, it also includes a hydrogen charging station to charge the car, which is powered by water and sunlight.

The operation is very simple: water is poured into the recharging station and a small photovoltaic panel generates the energy necessary to break the water molecule by electrolysis. If it is night and we do not have sun to produce hydrogen, the device can also be powered by a USB cable.

As the process occurs and hydrogen is generated, a plunger is rising from the recharging station. Once all the necessary hydrogen has been generated it is necessary to press the plunger down again (as if it were a pump to inflate the bicycle) to compress the hydrogen and introduce it into the tank of the car by means of a small tube.

Once the car is loaded with hydrogen, you just have to turn it on with a switch located at the bottom of the car, and link it with a mobile phone via Bluetooth to control it. At the moment there is only application available for Apple devices (iPhone and iPad) but Horizon that is responsible for this product says that they are already working on the Android application.

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