C-7288 Pir sensor (passive infrared)

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16.1 € (tax incl.)

Reference: C-7288
Output : TTL 5V(pulse 0,5seg. min) 
Voltage power supply : 5 a12V(Current 400uA a 5V) 
Imout gain : Pire : 68 db 
Delayed connection : 25 seg. 
Miniature size : 23 x 35 mm. 


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The PIR sensor is a pyroelectric module designed to detect the presence of people and animals based on the difference in temperature between them and the ambient temperature.

The PIR detector integrates a Fresnel lens in the same module.

TTL output, high RFI immunity and high sensitivity.

Detention 60º 5m.

Do not expose to direct sun.

Do not show after glass, or in front of heaters or air conditioners.

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