TR-30 WAV file audio recorder-player with micro SD 12VDC.

€45.00 45 € (tax excl.)

45 € (tax incl.)

Power supply: 12 V - 500 mA

Output power: 5W

Output impedance: 4-8 ohm

Audio quality: 3.5 Khz

Maximum number of messages: 4

Micro SD card format: FAT 32

Micro SD maximum capacity: 32 gigs

Supported audio format: WAV 8 bit 8K mono

Audio file size according to duration (indicative)

Message 10 seconds: 80K

Message 60 seconds: 300K

Song 2 minutes: 1 mega

Measurements: 72 x 87 x 30

Weight: 65 grams

Recommended power supply: FE 123 or FE 300

DIN rail: C 7566


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WAV file audio recorder and player with 12VDC micro SD.

Supports 32 Gig SD cards. Micro SD card format: FAT 32.

Audio power output of 5 watts, with an output impedance of 4-8 ohms.

Supported audio format: WAV 8 bit 8K mono. Maximum number of messages: 4

Easy conversion from MP3 to WAP format using the free AUDACITY program.

On the basis that 1 mega x minute, if you put a 32 gig SD card in the TR-30, you will get 32,000 minutes of recording = 533 hours.

If you calculate an average of 3 megabytes per song, you can save and play about 10,600 songs

Recommended power supply FE-113 and FE-300.

Recommended din rail C-7566

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Tuturial TR-30-esp

Tuturial TR-30-esp

See PDF (288.56k)



See PDF (288.92k)

Tutorial TR-30.eng

Tutorial TR-30.eng

See PDF (288.07k)

Tutorial TR-30.fra

Tutorial TR-30.fra.

See PDF (288.68k)

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