ST-50532 Welder-Desoldering SMD

€59.55 59.55 € (tax excl.)

59.55 € (tax incl.)
Reference: ST-50532
Power : 50 W 
Voltage power supply : 24 V 

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With the ST-505TW, it(he,she) will be able to weld and desoldar fácimente these mini components, thanks to his(her,your) design in the shape of tweezer.

The majority of Startec´s stations can control the temperature of these welders - desoldadores-pinza. 

The model ST21509 connects directly to 230V.

THE EQUIPMENT(TEAM) CONSISTS GIVE: Welder - desoldador type tweezer - Sporte for the same one - couple(par) of tops of 2 mm. ST21431.

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