C-0356 BATTERY for photovoltaic

€361.85 361.85 € (tax excl.)

361.85 € (tax incl.)
Reference: C-0356
Capacity : 150 Ah 
Connection : Screw MB 
Nominal voltage : 12V 
Dimensions : 483 x 170 x 242 mm 
Weight : 46000 gr. 

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The sun does not shine 24 hours a day, nor does it shine every day of the year. The same happens with the wind. A good battery is necessary to store electrical energy and be able to use it at times when solar modules or wind turbines do not produce energy. The battery of the installation defines the authentic autonomy of the photovoltaic and / or wind system.
Our batteries are special for this type of installation:
- All models are airtight, do not require maintenance.
- Designed for deep discharges, typical of solar and wind installations.
- Large models are connected by screws, small ones with standard plug-in terminals.

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