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Reference: C-1001
Dimensions : 160 x 80 x 60 mm 

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This electronic device to descale is controlled by a microprocessor and it offers an effective protection against lime accumulations in water pipes and in apparatus connected to the domestic net (heaters, boilers, washers, irons, dishwasher, etc.).

The old inlays will also be dissolved slowly until to completely disappear thanks to the special program to clean pipes. The quality of the water is not affected and it will conserve its chemical characteristics and potability level.  

The installation is very simple, ant it is not necessary to connect pipes.  

The electromagnetic waves of the C-1001 work from the exterior of the pipe modifying the calcic carbonate’s structure of the water into a non embedded form.

Pipes can be made of plastic or metal, it is not important.

The lime is not eliminated from the water, but it is remained in suspension, but it is no longer incrusted. The action of the C-1001 is exclusively electromagnetic, without chemical products.  It is recommended for all kind of water hardness.


Power Supply: 230V 

Consumption: 1,2W 

Operating frequencies: 1 - 3 - 5kHz (to select) 

Automatic programs to regenerate pipes through oscillating frequencies 

Multi-control push button and indicator LED

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C-1001 (en)

C-1001 (en)

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