C-0192 charge controller 12 / 24V - 20A

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87.55 € (tax incl.)
Reference: C-0192
Weight : 352 GR. 
Operating temperature : -10ºC a 40º C 
Dimensions : 175 x 105 x45 mm. 
Current of the module : 20 A 
Current of the load : 20 A 
Internal consumption : 4mA 
Voltage margin : 12V / 24V 
Temperature probe : external sensor, 1.5m cable 
Fude : 20A.

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Series of regulators of average power. The C-0191 can control up to 8A and the C-0192 up to 20A. Both offer all the important functions for the control and the power that are required in the loading and unloading of the batteries: U / I load, protection against overload, regulation to avoid the gassing of the electrolyte and protection against excessive discharge, with the function of disconnecting the load. They can be connected indistinctly in 12V and 24V installations. CUTTING TENSION AGAINST EXCESSIVE DISCHARGE: Cut 11,1V / 22,2V - Reset 12,6V / 25,2V - FINAL LOAD TENSION: Normal 13,7V / 27,4V - Gassed deactivation 14,1V / 28,2V Compensation temperature -4 mA / K / cell - ANTI-GASEOUS REGULATION: Active 12,4V / 24,8V. Limit voltage 14.5V / 29V. Compensation temperature -3 mA / K / Cell.

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