ST-50404 Soldering/desoldering station

€205.50 205.5 € (tax excl.)

205.5 € (tax incl.)
Reference: ST-50404
Extremities : welder w / drill Ø 6.5 mm 
Voltage power supply : 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz 
Dimensions : 125 X 185 X 80 mm. 
Soldering iron : 50W / 24V 
Heat control : 150 - 450ºC 
Operating indacation : By Led 
Connection base : equipotential


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This equipment is suitable for electronic engineers as well as for professional users, because it offers all advantages of soldering and desoldering station at professional level.

It is possible to use this soldering station to solder SMD components. You can also connect the new pincer type soldering/desoldering iron (Ref. ST-50530), that you can separately purchase, to the soldering station.

For SMD soldering operation it is also possible to connect the mini 12V / 7,5W soldering iron (Ref. ST-80131). The soldering iron’s conversion and vice versa, is highly easy, you only need to remove the soldering tip and to place the desoldering device.

The equipment includes: The ST-504 Soldering station, ST-50130 Soldering iron (24V/50W), its corresponding soldering tips (ST-80151 and ST-80153), complete desoldering device (ST-60130), its corresponding desoldering tips (ST-90151, ST-90152, ST-90153 and ST-90154), push button ST-90250 and refills kit ST-60171, and the soldering iron support.

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