C-8425 Educational thermometer

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4.96 € (tax incl.)

Reference: C-8425
Weight : 24,4 gr 
Dimensions : 6,5 x 305 mm 


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Thermometer is manufactured in Europe and especially in education, is made (EL-tox) is a material that can reach a wide temperature range.

Quality, length and reading, makes it a good replacement for the mercury thermometer.

At the top is a support to hang it up so you always know where.

NOTE: have no mercury is not dangerous to health

 Technical data:

Materials: glass tube filled with kerosene.

Anti rolling head: Evopreno

Size: 6.5 mm x 305mm

Weight: 24,4g


EC: N / RoHS / WEEE: N / A

Range: -20 to 110 ºC

Divisions: 1.0 ºC

Color filling t: Blue

Accuracy: ± 1.0 ° C @ 35 ° C

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