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Electronics, lighting, solar energy and educational kits

We are manufacturer of industrial electronic, with the trade-mark Cebek , and the educational kits ,with the trade-mark  Cebekit . We import little solar panels ,and solar gadgets, with the trade-mark   Fadisol . We import spectacular lights with the trade-mark Expelec ,and soldering station Startec , all of first europe trade-marks , with more than  2000 products in stock. Innovation, electronic, clean energy, and didactical robotic are ours identity. 

Last news

We present you the new Cebek CE-30 catalog, with new format, with new products and with prices included. We have incorporated 2 new programmers and 4 level sensors, very professional, to complement our range.

This new catalog is edited with the old format DIN A-5, which some will remember, pocket size , and lighter, which reminds us of our first catalogs that we edited in the early 80's.

Thursday, June 16 took place the Annual meeting of Secartys in the Macaya Palace of Paseo Sant Joan de Barcelone. Above all, to thank for collaboration for the Foundation for Caixa, which for second year yielded its spaces and living rooms to us to be able to carry out the various acts, commissions, and meetings, as Secartys Exports, and others, which have E place lasting all the day almost.