I-33 Delay timer up to 4 minutes

€17.95 17.95 € (tax excl.)

17.95 € (tax incl.)

Reference: I-33

Power supply: 12 VDC

Current consumption: 10 to 50 mA

Time setting scale A: 0.1 to 24 sec.

Time setting scale B: 1 sec. 4 minutes

Activation: push button or voltage

Output type: NO / NC relay

Max. Output load: 7A (2A for inductive loads)

Size: 53.75 x 72mm.

Weight: 39.8 gr.

DIN rail: C-7563


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Timer  with double time scale for ON and OFF using SW1 and SW2 (scale A or B), with prior delay, configurable between 0.1 second and 4 minutes and triggering by push button or by power supply.

Pressing the button will initiate a pre-delay timing.

Once this has elapsed, the relay working time will automatically be activated.

The work led will light while the output is activated. Both time delay and work are independent of each other and adjustable through the potentiometers RV1 and RV2.

Recommended power supply FE-103 or FE-300

Recommended box C-7523

Recommended Rin rail C-7563

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