R-60 Regulators 12Vdc of 0.6 Amp. with IGM

€29.34 29.34 € (tax excl.)

29.34 € (tax incl.)

Voltage: 12VDC

Current consumption without motor: 60 mA

Continuous output current: 60 mA @ 12VDC

Non-repetitive peak output current (t <1000us): 1 Amp @ 12VDC

Output motor protection: 1 Amp fuse

External power supply input: Yes

Dimensions: 72 x 98 x 30 mm

DIN rail: C-7567


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This new regulator of 12 Vdc (admits from 9 to 15 Vdc) and of 0.6 Ampere is characterized by incorporating "Inversion of the direction of rotation of the motor"

(IGM). This feature means that you can regulate the engine in both directions: forward and reverse.

Recommended din rail C-7567

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