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UCPIC-7   Speed regulator Picaxe module DC motors
  • UCPIC-7   Speed regulator Picaxe module DC motors

UCPIC-7 Speed regulator Picaxe module DC motors

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Reference: UCPIC-7
Power supply : 12VDC 
Dimensions : 72 x 98 x 30 mm 
Recommended power supply : FE-103 
Din rail : C-7567 
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We present the UCPIC-7, a fully assembled programmable module with minimum input-output components.

It incorporates micro Picaxe 08M2 and adjustment potentiometer, output with L293 amx of 1 A., led power indicator and also includes recording connector.

Especially recommended for the development of speed regulators of PWM motors up to 1A. of consumption.

Elaborated around the PICAXE-08M2, the Cebek UCPIC-7 is destined to the wide community of PICAXE programmers, putting at the disposal of its developments a simple but versatile circuit, of easy industrial implementation and commercialization.

Unlike generic motherboards, the family of Cebek modules of which the UCPIC-7 is part, intended for industrial use, is structured in different modules with very specific configuration and features, with a lower or higher number of features per circuit. This feature makes them a tremendously versatile proposal for any level of development, downloading the programmer from the design of an electronic circuit, guaranteeing its operation and also offering economic viability in commercial applications.

 The UCPIC-7 has a No push button, a potentiometer with axis and a direct input for digital signal.

Requires 12 V.C.C. in its functioning as an autonomous circuit.

It incorporates industrial connection terminals, connector for direct connection to the USB port, led power indicator and is adaptable to Din Rail.

100% compatible with Picaxe® software. Free download.

Download: http://www.picaxe.com/Software

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