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C-2287  Yellow led´s cluster
  • C-2287  Yellow led´s cluster
  • C-2287  Yellow led´s cluster

C-2287 Yellow led´s cluster

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Reference: C-2287
Led : 30 yellows
Luminous intensity : 30 cd 
Wave length : 590nm 
Direct voltage : 20,0V tipo:23V max 
Measure conditions : lf=60 mA 
Inverse current : 300uA 
Dispersed power : (VR=50V)2,25W 
Current dir max. : 240mA peak:60mA direct
Recommended current : 36 mA 

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Yellow led spotlight for outdoor signage.

It is made up of a cluster of high-efficiency LEDs, which give it a high light intensity.

They can be placed outdoors thanks to their tightness, being resistant to water and inclement weather.

Specially studied to provide high performance with very low consumption.

Applications: traffic lights, individual signage for parking spaces, road signs, danger warning, sports scoreboards, advertising, indicators in cinemas, theaters, etc.

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