€48.95 48.95 € (tax excl.)

48.95 € (tax incl.)
Reference: C-0702
Dimensions : 235 x115 x 233 mm 
Diameter : 215 mm. 
Weight : 720 grs. 


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It is a fan-extractor, all in one, powered by sunlight and ambient light, without any battery, electricity, or other source of energy. No wiring or plugs are needed. It is silent and once installed does not generate any cost.
l Prevents the formation of mold, condensation, moisture and odors.
l Fully automatic and autonomous operation, without noise or pollution.
l ABS plastic cover.
l High performance, long-lasting monocrystalline solar cells.
l Renew about 20 m3 of air every hour.
In installations and small boats it is installed as an extractor. In installations where a large area needs to be ventilated, one (or two) will be mounted as extractors and another as a fan.
l Each C-0702 includes two sets of interchangeable blades (impeller and extractor).
Applications: caravans, boats, greenhouses, sailboats, trucks, vans, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, stables, farms, barns, garden sheds, attics, attics, laundry rooms.

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