ST-04500 Mobile Soldering

€17.10 17.1 € (tax excl.)

17.1 € (tax incl.)

Reference: ST-04500

Power: 4.5 v

Power: 6 w

Tips: with integrated heater

Features: Battery 3 batteries 1.5v R6 AA

Autonomy max. : 1 hour (using battery)

Min. autonomy : 30 min. (using rechargeable batteries)


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Mobile soldering iron operating with three 1,5V LR6, AA batteries. It is basic for maintaining operations, for technical peoples continuously moving, for soldering operations “in situs” or in the factory, to solder in inaccessible places. The new tip system included in this soldering iron is highly appreciate due to its short heating time. It accepts rechargeable batteries. The equipment includes: The mobile soldering iron ST-045, its corresponding soldering tips (ST-04551) with integrated heating element, tools to change these tips, batteries no included.

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