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ST-20100 Pirographer/welding station

€89.95 89.95 € (tax excl.)

89.95 € (tax incl.)

Reference: ST-20100
Supply voltage: 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Soldering iron: 20W / 24V recorder
Heating control: 50 - 500 ºC
Operating indication: by Led
Socket for connection: equipotential
Regulation: elect.p / precise control temp.


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The station controls the temperature between 50 and 500ºC and it can be adjusted without jumps.

The ST-20100 can be used as soldering station because it includes two nickel-platted tips to solder.

The pyroengraved is a decoration process consisting of drawing applying a heat metallic tip on materials like wood, cork or leather.

There is a complete and wide range of tips to draw, to form and to engrave.

The equipment includes: The ST-201 station, the soldering/engraver ST-20130, its corresponding nickel-platted tips (ST-20153 and ST-20156), tips to engrave ST-20141, ST-20142, ST-20144 and ST-20145, push button ST-90250.

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