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C-4424 MP3 Module Audio Sound SD 32 G

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Reference: C-4424

Audio : MP3, WAV

MP3 audio: 8-48KHz sampling rate, 8~128Kbps bit rate

WAV audio: 8-44.1KHz sampling rate

Control : key control and serial port control


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WT2003M03 voice module is a powerful MP3 module with high quality, support MP3, WAV audio decoding, meet customer’s demand from many aspects.

Support file name specified play and indexing serial number play, two play mode, more flexible to organize the audio file. Can classify by folder, play according to appointed file name in folder or indexing serial number. Support SD card and U disk storage, with mass memory.

  • Support WAV, MP3 audio format, high quality sound.
  • Support 8~48KHz sampling rate, 8~128Kbps bit rate MP3 audio file.
  • Support 8~44.1KHz sampling rate WAV audio file.
  • Use SD card and U disk as storage, replace audio freely, maximum support 32G SD card and 32G U disk.
  • Through USB interface, change SD card audio files(Win 7 system, win8 syetem, XP system).
  • Support key control and UART asynchronous serial communication simultaneously, with standard interface protocol, and stronger function, more flexible and convenient control.
  • Support inter-cut play between different storage.
  • Support combination play.
  • Inner 1W amplifier, directly drive 8ohm/1w speaker, with 32-level volume.
  • DC 5V power supply.

  • The initialization time is 3s when power on.
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