1) The person who uses electronic business software declares it is acting under its own name or it has enough powers when it is acting as manager of an institution or a company, that we will name Customer.

2) When an order is placed using these electronic business software, the Customer accepts the application of general terms concerning the business deal done.  

3) The Customer declares that data appearing in the register are corrects 

4) The supplier FADISEL declares that all products displayed in the electronic business are updated. The indicated delivery date is approximate and can vary according to the supplier’s available stock, and more over in all cases, it must be corrected regarding the usual shipment time up to the delivery address indicated by the Customer

5) The Customer accepts as valid all orders passed through this process, and it expressly renounce to any opposition, present and future, based on the use of these electronic business software. The customer accepts the invoice emitted by the supplier ECO KITS S.L., logistical service of FADISEL as well as charges corresponding to the orders placed through this process

6) The Supplier FADISEL can refuse, totally or partially, an order placed by the Customer. In such case it will notify the situation by electronic mail and it will cancel corresponding invoices and charges.

7) The Customer accepts that documents and receipts of its order are the emitted by the electronic business software. They can be in electronic mail format or printed format (through a terminal).

8) The validity and interpretation of these general terms are ruled by laws and courts from the Supplier’s head office; therefore the Customer explicitly accepts this jurisdiction.