FAD-200 Anti-plague repeller

€24.38 24.38 € (tax excl.)

24.38 € (tax incl.)

Reference: FAD-200

Power: 230VAC

Coverage: 132 m²

Measures: 110x70x50 mm.


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Your pest problem will be fixed in 2-4 weeks; however, the eradication of all pests may take more than 4 weeks, depending on the type of pest and its reproduction cycle.

If your problem is particularly serious, it may take a few more weeks.

This repeller is for ants, spiders, mosques, mosquitoes, rats, mice, cockroaches and other types of insects.

In addition, to improve and further guarantee the safety of the repeller, the device has a protector against electrical overloads and overheating.

NOTE: This does not protect the device if it is struck by lightning.

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