FAD-101 Personal anti-mosquito

€12.80 12.8 € (tax excl.)

12.8 € (tax incl.)

Reference: Fad-101

Battery type: 1pcxLR44 (can be replaced)

Sound Frequency: 4Khz.

Lifespan: 500 hours.

Coverage: 2 m. apróx


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The electronic mosquito repellent emits a sound that mimics the movements of the wings of a male mosquito ready to mate.

The female mosquitoes are those that sting during the gestation period to be able to feed themselves.

The sound bothers them and after a while they will completely avoid the protected area.

No chemicals, no poison, no smell.

It can be used as a bracelet, fastened in a pair of trousers, in a bag, etc.

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