ST-08105 Mini Soldering station

€65.50 65.5 € (tax excl.)

65.5 € (tax incl.)

Reference: ST-08105

Tips: Soldering iron w / hole Ø 2 mm.

Features: with resist. heating coil

Supply voltage: 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Soldering iron: 7.5 W / 12V AC / DC

Heating control: 100-400 º C

Operating indication: by Led

Socket for connection: equipotential

regulation: elect.p / precise control temp.


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The mini soldering station, is composed by a small 12V / 7,5W soldering iron, specially designed for accurate and/or precise soldering operations like SMD components, discrete components into high density PCB or highly miniaturized, models, robotics, etc…The soldering iron is supplied under a low voltage (12V). To maintain the higher electrostatic security and to avoid to destroy highly sensitive circuits , the soldering station includes a support (POT) to connect it to the circuits that you are soldering and then to obtains to equal potentials. The equipment includes: The ST0815 Soldering station, ST08131  soldering tips and the ST30191 soldering iron support.

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