ST-08105  Mini Soldering station
  • ST-08105  Mini Soldering station
  • ST-08105  Mini Soldering station

ST-08105 Mini Soldering station


Reference: ST-08105

Tips: Welder w / cutter Ø 2 mm.

Features: with coil heating resistance

Power supply: 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Soldering iron: 7.5 W / 12V AC / DC

Heating control: 100-400 º C

Operation indication: by Led

Socket for connection: equipotential

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Mini station is equipped with a small 12V / 7.5W soldering iron, which is specific for high precision soldering jobs.

As SMD components, discrete components in high-density or highly miniaturized circuits, modeling, robotics, etc.

The welder is powered at low voltage (12V).

For maximum electrostatic safety and to avoid the destruction of very sensitive circuits, the station is equipped with a socket (POT) to connect it to the circuits being soldered and to achieve the equalization of potentials.

THE EQUIPMENT CONSISTS OF: Station ST081 - Soldering iron ST08131, - Support for soldering iron ST30191

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